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10 years on organic food market

42.700.000 Ha are used for agricultural purposes

289.551 Ha are used in organic farming

300.000 mt of organic product was exported in 2017

80% of the manufactured organic products goes to export

2008 year

Development start at domestic market of organic products in Ukraine

The main sales channels are supermarkets, specialized stores in big cities.
2015 year

The main importers of ukrainian organic production became:

Moreover ukrainian producers already export to USA, Canada, Australia and some asian countries.
2016 year

Around 530.000 Ha of wild plants were certified

Most exported organic crops in 2016 were: wheat, spelled, corn, millet, barley, oats, cattle, soya, lupine, flax, sunflower, rapeseed, mustard, blueberry, walnut.
2017 year

Ukraine has become a leading supplier of organic products

Here are some ukrainian certified products: milk products, meat products, gerocery, bakery, vegetable oils, eggs, honey, some vegetables and fruits.
Сertified organic enterprises -  210
The total area of ​​land is - 289.881 hectares (0.89% of the land is used for agricultural purposes)
Are in the transitional period -  91.662 HA of land